Car Sharing and Pooling: Reducing Car Over-Population and Collaborative Consumption

John Atcheson, Vice President, Getaround

Logan Green, CEO & Co-founder, Zimride

Monday, April 9, 2012 | 04:15 PM - 05:15 PM | NVIDIA Auditorium, Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center | Free and Open to All

John Atcheson


Logan Green

In the United States alone, there are more than 250 million cars and light trucks, and these vehicles sit idle an average of 92% of the time.  With the average car costing more than $6,500 per year just to own, (i.e., not including gas and other operating expenses), this represents over $1.5 trillion dollars each year in wasted capital.  Peer-to-peer car sharing puts this capital to use, as John Atcheson will discuss, giving car owners the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per year off their idle asset, and providing drivers with a viable alternative to car ownership.  In the process, peer-to-peer car sharing dramatically helps our environment. Studies have shown that the average shared car replaces 9-13 other cars, and that drivers who switch from driving their own car to driving a shared car reduce both vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40%. This presentation will focus on the opportunities and challenges facing peer-to-peer car sharing, and offer a vision for a world in which every car is shared.
People are in the beginning of a dramatic transformation that is changing the way we think about personal transportation. In this new age, access trumps ownership. Access to a network that gets us from point A to point B is becoming more desirable than incurring all of the expenses and burdens associated with car ownership. Logan Green will explore how this new transportation network is taking shape, why it’s happening now, and the factors that are making it possible.

Brief Bios

John Atcheson is vice president of Getaround, a pioneering startup in peer-to-peer car sharing.  Previously, John was founder/CEO of several interactive service startups, including SparkWords,, and MusicNet, the first interactive music service. John also worked as vice president and general manager of media publishing at RealNetworks. This role involved the oversight of all media-related Web sites, the negotiation of strategic alliances with media partners such as NPR, Warner Brothers, and Sony, and the acquisition of media properties such as Earlier in his career, John served on the early executive staffs of both Digidesign (now part of Avid) and Macromind (now part of Adobe). John has also been deeply involved in sustainability, and currently serves as board chair of Sightline Institute, a leading sustainability think-tank. John has appeared as a section leader and occasional soloist with the Seattle Symphony Chorale, and has served as a board member of the Seattle Symphony. He received his bachelor's degree from Brown University and his master's degree from Stanford Business School.
Logan Green is the co-founder and CEO of Zimride, the largest ridesharing community in the United States with more than 100 million miles shared. Zimride is used by more than 120 universities and companies such as Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Facebook and Genentech. Logan has long been fascinated by innovations in transportation. Prior to starting Zimride, he created the first car-share program at the University of California-Santa Barbara and served on the board of the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District. In 2009, Logan was recognized as one of Business Week's "Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25."  Logan holds a bachelor's degree in business economics from UC-Santa Barbara.

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