Short Video Clips

Full video and more detail are available for each talk
Equitable Climate Solutions
Stephen W. Pacala, professor of Biology at Princeton University and Director of the Princeton Environmental Institute, discusses equitable solutions to the carbon and climate problem.
Sustainable Aviation: Future Air Transportation and the Environment
Ilan Kroo discusses how to expand aviation while reducing emissions over the next few decades.
Sequestering Carbon Dioxide in the Built Environment: a Revolutionary Cement Technology
Brent Constantz, president and CEO of Calera Corporation, discusses a new technique for sequestering carbon in cement.
Woods Institute Fifth Anniversary
The Woods Institute for the Environment celebrated its 5th anniversary on October 21, 2009.
Killers Apps for the Smart Grid
Scott McGaraghan, director of business development for EnerNOC, Inc., discusses current and developing technologies to maximize the potential energy saving benefits of local and national-level smart grid systems.